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Rusty metal structures situated in a sprouting green garden

Sustainable tourism for us is about re-focusing and adapting. We have incorporated into our company several principles of eco-tourism as established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Transportation, energy sourcing, points of interest, guest amenities, and even banking solutions have all been carefully considered to be as eco-minded as possible. We believe the tourism industry should be the leader in implementing sustainable changes in the ways people experience the world around us. Our company is committed to being the change leader in our small part of the earth.

Our Guiding Principles


Nature-based tours with an emphasis on STEAM: Our tours weave all the elements of STEAM together (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics).

Minimize negative impacts on the environment and cultures: We only engage in minimal impact hiking which preserves the desert. We don’t go off-roading as this disturbs the natural ecosystem. We celebrate art as a memorial of the past and a guiding light for the future.

Increase awareness of conservation of local assets: We allow our guests to assimilate their thoughts on conservation through interpretation of experience rather than through forced lectures.

Quality over quantity: We choose the quality of our tours over the number of tours sold. We strive to curate the best experiences and build a memorable trip for you and your group. We would rather take a financial loss than to lose you in a large tour group shuffle.

Eliminate carbon emissions from our tours: We only use 100% electric vehicles powered by renewable solar energy.

Protect the sense of place: We celebrate local artists, locally-owned restaurants, and source locally-owned amenities for our tours. When you leave our tour, we want you to say, “Wow, I love this place!”

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