All Transfers Completely Private

Only Luxury, Leather Appointed, Electric Vehicles

Be Confident You’ll Arrive Safely and On Time


EcoTours AZ is your sustainable choice for a private transfer throughout the Phoenix or Scottsdale Area. We are proud to be the only transfer company in the Phoenix and Scottsdale Metropolitan area with a 100% electric fleet of vehicles powered by solar energy from our abundant Arizona sunshine. Make a meaningful change to your travels by going electric and choosing EcoTours AZ for your transfer needs!


The Essentials


Starting at $80


Check the booking calendar for real-time availability. If you don’t see your exact pickup time available on the calendar, send us a chat or email and we can work to create a custom reservation.

Service Areas

Check the Zone Map to see if your address is included in our service area.

Group size

SUV: 1 min, 5 max
Sedan: 1 min, 3 max

Cargo Capacity

SUV: 2 checked bags, 2 carry-on bags
Sedan: 2 checked bags, 2 carry-on bags

We can usually accommodate larger bags (golf clubs, A/V gear) but will require fewer passengers or the reservation of two vehicles. Send us a chat or email if you’re unsure. A cancellation fee will apply if we are unable to start the transfer due to oversized or too much luggage.

Not included



100% electric vehicles get you to your destination on-time and carbon-free.

Affordable prices mean you don’t have to compromise on quality and value.

Leave the driving to a local professional, not a random stranger.

Safe, clean and luxurious vehicles for a stress-free transfer.

Keep it local and support a local business, not an out-of-state mega corporation.


Are you tired of being stranded by rideshare companies? Do drivers for your “scheduled” rides never show up? Do you feel uncomfortable knowing a stranger knows your home is unattended? Do you want to avoid standing out in the hot weather while you wait for your ride to show up? Are you tired of riding in some random person’s smelly and dirty car? Do you want consistency in your travels? These are all plausible reasons to switch to EcoTours AZ for your intown transfers. Whether you’re heading to the airport or your hotel, a night out on the town or day out exploring the town, we can ensure you arrive safely, in-style and carbon-free.

So how does an EcoTours AZ transfer work?

It’s pretty simple actually. No app or download needed. You can book from any web enabled device. You can even send us an email or a chat if you’d rather book that way.

Step 1: Type your pick-up and drop-off addresses in the Zone Map to determine the price for your transfer.
Step 2: Check the booking calendar for real-time availability.
Step 3: Book your transfer using the calendar widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to do everything we can so you feel comfortable while en-route to your destination. This includes being sensitive to your perspective of the COVID pandemic. All our drivers are fully vaccinated and will wear masks if you ask them to. We clean the vehicles and disinfect touch points after each transfer. Our flagship SUV, our TEsla Model X, uses Tesla’s proprietary Bioweapon Defense cabin air HEPA filtration system to scrub the air during the transfer. If masks are not your thing, we understand and will not wear one either. Just let us know.

We can accommodate small folding assistive devices such as folding wheelchairs, walkers, boot trolleys and canes. Larger devices such as motorized scooters exceed the dimension of our vehicles so we are unable to accommodate these. The passenger capacity of the vehicles also diminish if an assistive device is to be transported. In the case, our SUV would have a max capacity of 3 guests and our sedan would have a max capacity of 2 guests.Always feel free to contact us if you have questions.

We are happy to accommodate pets in kennels or bags. Due to safety reasons, pets cannot be free roaming or allowed to be tethered in place. We kindly ask that any pet be placed in a waterproof kennel or bag in case there are any mishaps along the way.

We are happy to accommodate assistive animals that are trained to perform a specific task for their human owner. Due to size limitations of the vehicles, we are only able to accommodate small animals such as dogs and cats. Larger animals such as miniature horses or goats would not fit safely in our vehicles.

We have children of our own so we know how tough it can be to travel with car seats. We can accommodate up to two child car seats or booster seats per vehicle. We can also provide up to two child car seats or booster seats if you don’t have your own. Just let us know when you create the reservation.

We cannot transport goods that are not accompanied by you.

We can accommodate multiple stops, just ask ahead so we can provide a custom quote. The stops must be in-town and within the range of the electric vehicle battery or charging networks.

Yes, you can reserve a half day or full day hire at a discounted rate than a multi-stop itinerary. This is perfect if you want a custom sight-seeing excursion or just don’t want to hassle with driving or finding rideshare services.

Zero emissions means our vehicles do not emit carbon dioxide or other ozone depleting gases (such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides). Our vehicles are charged with solar energy, so there are no ozone depleting gases released even with the charging of the battery.

Yes, we are a certified green company by Local First Arizona and we are a member of the National Green Business Registry. We have also received certification from the Center for Responsible Travel as a leader in changing the way people travel.

Michael (our owner) has over 20 years of experience driving in Phoenix and Scottsdale traffic. He has also held executive transportation positions in the past where he drove overseas in Germany, Italy and Ethiopia.

We can usually accommodate enough luggage for typical holiday travels. Be sure to check the vehicle specifications to be sure the amount of luggage you are bringing will fit in the vehicle. If the luggage does not fit, you may be charged a penalty fee. If you know you have an excessive amount of luggage, we can refer you to other reputable companies to assist.

We do not have any API integrations or direct bill arrangements with any software or corporation. We do accept credit card payments and provide an e-receipt which shows the pickup and drop-off locations. This is usually all that is required of most corporate travel plans. We can also provide a W2 if you need to set up a new vendor request. We can also negotiate a corporate discount if you foresee a certain number of bookings per year. Always feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss further.

Your driver will share their location with you via text message once they are enroute to your pickup location. You can follow along to see the real-time progress toward the pick-up and help determine how much time you have left before arrival.

Yes, after your reservation is booked, you will receive an emailed receipt which shows the date, time, pickup and drop-off locations and other important details about your ride.

Yes, you can pay with cash. Just get in touch with us and we will create a manual reservation. You will still need to have a credit card on file for us to book the cash reservation, but we will not charge it unless there’s a cancellation or no-show fee.

If you book online with a credit card, you will be charged a reservation fee. This is the fee our merchant processor collects to process our credit card payments and manage our PCI compliant gateway. It also integrates the booking calendar with the payment function for a simple and modern way of requesting the service. If you don’t want to pay the booking fee, just reach out and we can create a cash reservation instead.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Zone Map